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BuildingBlox helps startup founders build the right solutions that solve their customer’s problems. They will help you plan your MVP and get your app launched as quickly and efficiently as possible!

dave robertson founder at flipperforce.com
Dave Robertson
Founder and CEO, FlipperForce
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BuildingBlox is great to work with and as a small business owner/solo entrepreneur, it is nice to take website management off the long list of tasks I manage. They're quick response and feedback is perfect so we don't waste time making changes, only to revert them later.

Jill Zambon sitting in a chair with her daughter
Jill Zambon
Founder and CEO, The Parent Project
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Our social news media platform is the foundation of our company. Without our app, we would not exist. Our success as a company has been dependent on their excellent services and support.

brittany tidwell headshot
Brittany Tidwell
Founder and CEO, Verified News Network
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BuildingBlox is an absolute no-brainer! I was amazed at the amount of work, the quality, and the final product that happened in such a quick amount of time.

Meagan Beam
Founder and CEO, OTTER Reading
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Seriously, the BuildingBlox process is brilliant. The way the technology aspect (which scares people like me) is blended with intuitive design, subtle details, and true depth for the client and designer to collaborate is powerful. I already feel like I am the one designing it.

You’re doing the lord’s work!

Rachel Tahnee Dehler
Founder and CEO, Sonder Breath
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We cannot begin to thank BuildingBlox enough for all of the effort and transparency they provided throughout our development process. They were absolutely phenomenal to work with. BuildingBlox is incredibly professional and their skill set is impressive. We would recommend BuildingBlox to anyone needing an app developer.

David Pochapin
Founder, Gavel It
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BuildingBlox is an amazing software resource for our startup company. They’re smart, proactive problem-solvers who understand our customers and company opportunities. They are truthful, yet kind and always helpful (even very late at night when a website acts badly). I highly recommend!.

Ann O'Meara
Founder, Fantastic 55
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I’ve worked with John (BuildingBlox) in various capacities for almost three years now. He’s my absolute go-to technology developer of choice. I can gush for days about John, but let me tell you the single most important thing that he can do for a client. He will get you live faster and establish real market data which will illuminate what you actually should be building in the second and beyond phases. He will save you money, make you more revenue, and help you build something people actually want.

Weston Bergmann
Investor, BetaBlox Business Incubator
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Huge kudos shoutout to the BuildingBlox team for helping us fix and launch our landing page. Seriously guys, their absolute rockstars. If you need web design, they’re the solution.

madison durant profile picture
Madison Durant
Founder, Thanks, It Has Pockets!
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When you really need something done on a website, BuildingBlox are your people. No matter what website problem I threw at them, they would always seem to fix the problem in a quarter of the time that I expected. Plus, they seemed to be able to fix problems that I wasn’t even sure were fixable. BuildingBlox like an engineer and an artist all rolled into one.

Duane Legill
Digital Division

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