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You Wouldn’t Buy From An Ugly Website...

So Don’t Show Your Customers One.

How We Build Beautiful Websites

Making beautiful custom websites for each client means we need a bulletproof process that gets the job done. Our process has four unique stages which will use to build your website - Collect, Compose, Create, and Care.

collecting assets for your website


We help you prepare and gather everything you’ll need for an amazing website.
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We collaborate directly with you and design the website exactly how you want.
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code your website and launch it


We build and launch your polished website experience to the world.
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We begin long-term support for your website so you can have peace of mind.
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BuildingBlox is great to work with and as a small business owner/solo entrepreneur, it is nice to take website management off the long list of tasks I manage. They're quick response and feedback is perfect so we don't waste time making changes, only to revert them later.

Jill Zambon sitting in a chair with her daughter
Jill Zambon
Founder and CEO, The Parent Project
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Working With Us Has It’s Perks

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Long-Term Partners

We're incentivized to be with you for the long haul. No more cheap one-and-done templated websites that leave you with countless problems 6 months later.

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Transparent Pricing

Everything we offer is bundled under one easy monthly payment. It's a predictable price that you can deduct as a business line-item expense.

design revisions for your website

Design Revisions

Want a quick change? Done. Revisions are built directly into our process. We don’t expect to get it right the first time. But we will next time!

website backups stored in the cloud

Managed Hosting

We handle hosting directly for you. There's no additional charge or hidden fee for hosting your website, we bake it right in.

security padlock protecting your website

SSL Encryption

Your website comes with free SSL encryption that improves the site’s security and even helps you rank higher in search engine rankings.

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Future Changes

Each month we offer 1 hour of free changes to your website. If you don't need changes then we'll rollover the time month to month with a maximum of 4 hours.

performance turning your website

Performance Tuning

As your business grows, so will your website's traffic. We keep an eye on your numbers and recommend upgrades when your visitor's experience is being affected.

clock routine for your website backups

Automatic Backups

Every website comes with backups so we can easily rollback to a previous version if something goes wrong.

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Peace of Mind

You can truly pass off your website worries and complicated tech to us. We handle the nitty gritty and give back the precious time you need to grow.

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Huge kudos shoutout to the BuildingBlox team for helping us fix and launch our landing page. Seriously guys, their absolute rockstars. If you need web design, they’re the solution.

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Madison Durant
Founder, Thanks, It Has Pockets!

Let’s Supercharge Your Website

We ❤️ Entrepreneurship

Everything we build comes from over a decade of battle-tested entrepreneurial experience. We run a successful startup incubator, have invested in hundreds of companies, and produce a reality TV show on entrepreneurship called The Blox.

We Are In A League Of Our Own.

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