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Winning Online Gets More Difficult Every Day

With countless websites vying for attention, it's more challenging than ever to create a unique online presence that captivates visitors and sets you apart from the competition. These are just a few of the challenges we see entrepreneurs struggled with.

Tech Is Overwhelming

Building a website can be overwhelming without the technical knowledge of coding, design principles, and web development tools.

Users Expect Beautiful

Ensuring seamless mobile responsiveness and optimization is crucial in today's mobile-driven world, where users expect a flawless browsing experience on their smartphones and tablets.

Conversions Are Hard

Maximizing website conversions requires a deep understanding of user behavior, persuasive design elements, and effective call-to-action strategies to turn visitors into customers.

We Help Entrepreneurs Succeed Online

Making beautiful, high-performing websites for each client means we need a bulletproof process that gets the job done. Our process has four unique stages which will use to build your website - Collect, Compose, Create, and Care.

Laying the Foundation for Success

1. Collect

In the Collect stage, we team up with you to gather all the important pieces for your website. We collect your business info, logo, images, what you offer, feedback from others, words, videos, sounds, and anything else needed to create your site. By gathering these things carefully, we make a strong base for the exciting part ahead – creating your site!
Follow our simple tasks, you can spend 20 minutes a day or crank it out over a weekend - you choose.
Work with one of our talented designers to craft the perfect website for your business
Crafting Your Unique Website Vision

2. Compose

After we gather everything we need, we start the fun part – making your design! Our talented designers work carefully to create a website that matches your ideas, even the smallest details. We really want to hear what you think and make sure you're happy with it. Our aim is to make a website that fits your style and shows what's special about your brand.
bringing your website to life

3. Create

Once we finish the design and you love it, we're off to the next step – making your website work! Our skilled developers take the design and turn it into a website that works well on any device. We make sure it's super fast and safe for visitors. We write neat and expandable code, so it's simple to make changes or add new things later on.
Bring your new website to life. Functional and fast, just the way your need it.
We partner with you and keep your website running safe and smooth for years to come.
Nurturing Your Website's Success

4. Care

After your website is live, we're still here for you. We keep taking care of it to make sure it keeps doing well. We check how it's doing, make sure it's safe, and that visitors like using it. If anything needs fixing or changing, we're on it. You can count on us to keep your website up-to-date and giving people a great experience.
Website Packages (and Pricing)

Our mission is to build you a killer website that outshines your competitors. We offer transparent and affordable pricing to support your entrepreneurial venture. Your website should be a valuable tool for growth, empowering your success without breaking the bank.



(12 months)
Launch your digital presence, establish a strong online foundation, and connect with your target audience effectively.
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  • 12 Months Hosting
    All websites come with 12 months of free.
  • SEO Foundation
    Start your new website off right with industry standard SEO.
  • SSL Security
    Never worry about the security of visitors or your website. We got it!
  • Automated Backups
    Your new website can always rollback to previous versions with a flip of a switch.
  • Email Support
    Got a question? Drop us a line. We're here to help.


Unleash the full potential of your website with unlimited design changes, ensuring it evolves and grows alongside your business,
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  • All Pro Benefits
    Your Ultimate website comes with all benefits of the Pro package!
    - 12 Months Hosting
    - SEO Foundation
    - SSL Security
    - Automated Backups
    - Email Support
    - Custom Design
    - Unlimited Design Revisions
    - E-commerce Integrations
    - Analytics & Funnel Setup
    - 4 Performance Reviews
  • Unlimited Changes
    Request any modifications, updates, or additions you desire. Our team team will complete your changes as soon as possible.
  • Marketing & Automation Suite
    Boost revenue with powerful marketing tools, sales funnels, email automation, and seamless e-commerce support. Scale your business with comprehensive automation for growth.
  • Unlimited Performance Reviews
    Call us and schedule a time to review your website's performance. We'll give you top priority for booking.
  • Priority Email Support
    Your emails go to our priority inbox. This means faster responses, more focus, and better answers.

*Starter and Pro packages automatically enroll in a $99/mo hosting and support plan after 12 months

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Seriously, the BuildingBlox process is brilliant. The way the technology aspect (which scares people like me) is blended with intuitive design, subtle details, and true depth for the client and designer to collaborate is powerful. I already feel like I am the one designing it.

Rachel Tahnee Dehler
Founder and CEO, Sonder Breath
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Let’s Supercharge Your Website

Working With Us Has It’s Perks


Long-Term Partners

We're incentivized to be with you for the long haul. No more cheap one-and-done templated websites that leave you with countless problems 6 months later.


Transparent Pricing

Everything we offer is bundled under one easy monthly payment. It's a predictable price that you can deduct as a business line-item expense.


Design Revisions

Want a quick change? Done. Revisions are built directly into our process. We don’t expect to get it right the first time. But we will next time!


Managed Hosting

We handle hosting directly for you. There's no additional charge or hidden fee for hosting your website, we bake it right in.


SSL Encryption

Your website comes with free SSL encryption that improves the site’s security and even helps you rank higher in search engine rankings.


Future Changes

If you need changes down the road, we don't leave you high and dry. Simply send us a message and we'll make it happen.


Performance Tuning

As your business grows, so will your website's traffic. We keep an eye on your numbers and recommend upgrades when your visitor's experience is being affected.


Automatic Backups

Every website comes with backups so we can easily rollback to a previous version if something goes wrong. Phew!


Peace of Mind

You can truly pass off your website worries and complicated tech to us. We handle the nitty gritty and give back the precious time you need to grow.

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BuildingBlox is great to work with and as a small business owner/solo entrepreneur, it is nice to take website management off the long list of tasks I manage. They're quick response and feedback is perfect so we don't waste time making changes, only to revert them later.

Jill Zambon sitting in a chair with her daughter
Jill Zambon
Founder and CEO, The Parent Project
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We ❤️ Entrepreneurship

Everything we build comes from over a decade of battle-tested entrepreneurial experience. We run a successful startup incubator, have invested in hundreds of companies, and produce a reality TV show on entrepreneurship called The Blox.

We Are In A League Of Our Own.

Questions You Might Be Thinking

How long does it take to design and launch a website?


Because we build and design websites in phases, it's a bit easier to show through an example (see below), but if you're looking for a quick answer - about 1 month.

1. Collect (~1 week)
The first phase of our process is to onboard you into our project management software and you through the work of collecting your website content. Usually this takes about a week for clients to get through it all. And while we are very thorough with content we need from you, we make it as simple as working through a basic todo list.

We know you are busy with a million tasks and we promise that this process as seamless as possible. We spend a tremendous amount of resources ensuring that you are give top-tier service and support right from the beginning.

2. Compose (1-2 weeks)
After we have all your content, we'll now connect you over with one of our designers. The designer usually needs a few days to free up their plate, review your content, and create a design plan for your website. During this time the designer will create a draft of your website for you to quickly review. Your designer will take your feedback and go back through and finish up the designs from there.

If you have a large website this process can take longer, but we still find most websites can get a beautiful design back in about a week or so.

3. Create (1 week)
The compose phase is actually the longest of the whole process. Building your website isn't nearly as hard because we've already spent so long to create the perfect blueprint of what you want! Your designer will pass back the final designs, which are in turn handed off to one of your developer.

Sometimes the designer and developer are even the same person. Yay for continuity! Working together like this can really speed up the process and it's a wonderful blessing.

4. Care (ongoing)
Once your website is launched the team shifts over into maintenance and support mode. Congratulations, your new website is live!

Overall, you're looking at about 1 month from start to finish. No too shabby if ask us!

And we're always looking to make it faster.

Do I have to pay a subscription for my website?


We recommend most clients do this as it's more affordable and grows with you and your business.

But no, you don't have to pay a subscription. We offer two alternatives to the monthly subscription in our contracts:

Option 1: Split Payment - Enjoy a 5% discount by paying half of your website subscription upfront when we start working together, and the remaining half upon the launch of your website.

Option 2: Upfront Payment - Opt for the convenience of paying the full subscription price of your website in one lump sum, and receive a 10% discount as a thank you for your upfront commitment.

I need a website, but I don't have great content or images. Can you help?


Surprisingly yes. Many clients don't have great images, videos, content, etc. It's actually quite normal because they're just starting their business and this website is a brand new addition. Here are some solutions you may like:

1. You can hire an in-house copywriter to help you with writers block and really put the punch in your conversion metrics
2. You can hire an in-house videographer to help you shoot some amazing videos, courses, or "about us" introductions
3. Your designer can help advise on branding and logo designs, or create an entire brand deck for you!
4. And we can always easily supplement your website with some beautiful stock images or videos

What if I'm not technical, and this whole "website" thing is honestly kind of scary?


We know exactly what you mean! We work with non-technical founders every single day. We've been in the trenches with them and understand just how scary it can be to trust a company you've never worked with before. Especially when you can't even vet their work and because it's all a foreign language jargon to you!

So, first off, let us be the first to tell you that if someone can't breakdown a complicated technical topic without jargon then you should never pay this person a dime. They clearly can't communicate a tough concept and don't deserve your money. That's our opinion anyway. There's a reason who #1 value is Simplicity. It matters. Simplicity and communication build trust. Trust builds great relationships and great products.

Check out this testimonial from Rachel Dehler of Sonder Breath

"Seriously, the BuildingBlox process is brilliant. The way the technology aspect (which scares people like me) is blended with intuitive design, subtle details, and true depth for the client and designer to collaborate is powerful. I already feel like I am the one designing it."

We helped Rachel overcome her fear of technology and gain confidence designing her website.

Our mission with BuildingBlox is to serve people exactly like Rachel. And if you're reading this Q/A, someone exactly like you.

Learn more about our values

Do you provide custom website designs, or do you use templates?


When we set out to build websites for our clients we relied heavily on templates. After all, that was the best way for us to improve our process, ship faster, and generate more revenue.

But... templates feel icky and we rarely feel proud to show off a template website in our portfolio.

So, we completely overhauled the business model. Rather than force clients into a cookie cutter template, we redesigned our services to affordably offer a professional website design specific to your brand.

To say say this was a game-changer is an absolute understatement!

Now, there is a caveat here. Some clients want to cut budget and save a bit more. We understand completely and in these circumstances we will offer a template build for them. This is done with transparency and with complete agreement from the client. Using a template in this way lets us help more clients who may need to stretch their dollars a bit farther. It's an option in our toolkit, but not the default

Can you help with website maintenance and updates after the website is launched?


Yes, we offer website maintenance and updates for a minimal monthly payment. Our team ensures that your website is up to date, secure, and functioning optimally. We also provide regular backups and updates to protect your investment.

Our number one goal is to be your web partner for years to come. One of the best ways for us to serve you in this role is to watch over your website for you. Peace of mind is a valuable resource and you're going to have a whole lot more of it!

What is the process for making changes or updates to the website?


There are two scenarios when this can occur:

1. Pre-launch
If you're website is pre-launch (e.g. we're still designing or developing) then you simply just ask for a change and we'll do our best to accommodate it free of charge. 99% of times these changes are simple word changes, image alterations, or color adjustments. These types of changes are simple no problem! Adding entirely new pages maybe not be as simple, so we'd always need to discuss before pivoting like that.

2. Post-launch
After your website is launched we have a simple ticket system where you can request changes. If we missed it during your original build, then we'll do it free of charge. For changes outside of the original scope we'll simply send over quick invoice and knock out the work for you.

How do you ensure the website is optimized for search engines


We follow industry best practices for search engine optimization (SEO) to ensure that your website is easily discoverable by search engines. This includes optimizing website speed, using relevant keywords, and creating quality content that engages visitors and boosts your search engine rankings.

We have additional services if you want to have a professional copywriter work with you to boost conversions. This is a great way to take your website to the next level and really crush the competition.

Can you provide examples of websites you've designed in the past?


Yes, we have a portfolio of successful website designs that we've created for clients in various industries. You can check out our portfolio on our website to see examples of our work.

See our portfolio

You can also view some testimonials from our happy clients

How do you handle security and protect sensitive customer data on the website


We take website security seriously and use industry-standard encryption methods, such as SSL, to protect sensitive customer data. We also provide regular security updates and backups to ensure that your website is secure and protected from cyber threats.

What kind of support do you offer if there are technical issues or problems with the website?


We offer technical support to our website clients to address any issues or problems with their website. Any client who continues to stay with us after initial development for our hosting package receives priority email for any issues they have having. You can always email us questions as well for tech support or advice moving forward.

We're happy to help!

Let's Supercharge Your Website

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