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The All-In-One Toolkit Built For Flips, Rehabs & BRRRR


Flipping Houses is a tricky business. Their house flipping software provides the system you need to improve improve your deal analysis, rehab estimation and rehab project management to maximize your project profitability. With nationwide access to over 150+ million properties, flipperForce provides you instant access to 99%+ of US property owners so you always make your best offer!

The Challenge

FlipperForce solves a desperately needed problem in the industry and is backed by an extremely experienced founder. But the technology built by another development shop just wasn't cutting it anymore. The code was riddled with bugs, Dave had an ever expanding list of roadmap features on the horizon, and paying customers were seeking that their voices/feedback be heard by the product. Balancing all this is the literal definition of a "challenge".

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BuildingBlox helps startup founders build the right solutions that solve their customer’s problems. They will help you plan your MVP and get your app launched as quickly and efficiently as possible!

Dave Robertson
Dave Robertson
Founder and CEO, FlipperForce
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